Making Surgery Better

Our technology helps prevent patients from developing wound-healing complications after surgery. Plexaa delivers supraphysiological preconditioning therapy to the skin to supercharge its ability to heal. Plexaa can be used for any surgery, but today, we are focusing on breast surgery for cancer.

Why breast surgery?
The numbers say it all.

  • 1 in 7 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime
  • 9 out of 10 of these patients will have surgery to treat the disease
  • 1 in 3 will get a surgical complication
  • 1 in 5 will require an additional operation to fix the complication
  • That means that out of the 102,000 women per year in the UK that have breast surgery, at least 20,000 will need another operation

Using Plexaa can halve the number of patients needing an additional operation. That means we can save 10,000 women every year from the physical and emotional burden of going through another operation.

Our Patented Solution - PLEXAA

Plexaa supercharges your skin’s ability to heal

App-controlled. Automated. Intuitive.

Safe & Portable. Integrates into existing surgical pathways.



Preconditioned skin has better
blood flow = better healing.

Support for Plexaa is growing

About Us

Plexaa was started by two-old friends. Saahil is a board-certified plastic surgeon in London who specialises in Breast Reconstruction. Kim Thye is a technology leader working in the North East of England. They met almost 20 years ago when Saahil and Kim Thye’s wife, Xue Yen, studied medicine together at Newcastle University. Kim Thye and Saahil have always had a mutual interest in each other’s career paths and now they are working on something amazing to help patients across the World.

Saahil’s plastic surgery training has put him in contact with thousands of patients over the years. He has seen first-hand the devasting effects that complications can have on patients and the extra burden they cause. His goal as a surgeon is to ensure that he can do everything he can to lower the risk of getting a complication by helping his patients to prepare for their procedure.

Why are we here?

We know that well-prepared patients recover well after surgery. We also know that technology has the power to help patients do that. The need for fast recovery is even more apparent since COVID and Plexaa are working to support this.

We are targeting wound healing complications after Breast Surgery because there is a clear need. So many patients had their surgery delayed during the pandemic. Plexaa’s preconditioning therapy can halve the number of patients requiring an additional operation. This means patients go home on time and we can treat more patients overall.

However, our mission goes beyond breast surgery!

Our ultimate aim is to become a platform to help every patient undergoing any surgery prepare for their surgery and recover quickly.

What is Plexaa?

Plexaa is the World’s first, wearable medical device that is able to deliver ultra-precise, sensor-controlled preconditioning therapy to the skin. It is app-controlled and is worn in a patient’s existing bra. It is entirely automated and monitors their preconditioning therapy without them having to worry about it.

Plexaa is the first step of our goal to get preconditioning to every surgical patient to help prevent wound healing complications.

Making Surgery Better

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