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Plexaa delivers supraphysiological preconditioning therapy to the skin. Plexaa can be used for any body part.

Our Patented Solution - PLEXAA

Plexaa delivers supraphysiological preconditioning

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Safe & Portable.



Preconditioned vs non-preconditioned skin under a laser Doppler imager

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About Us

The company was founded by Dr. Saahil Mehta, a London-based plastic surgeon. Plexaa builds on Saahil’s clinical research that he performed during his training. We are VC backed and have received prestigious grants from the NIHR and the Biomedical Catalyst fund from Innovate UK.

What is Plexaa?

Plexaa was created to be the safe, portable, sensor-enabled scaleable and wearable solution to precondition the skin. It can be used on any body location.

Plexaa is the first step to getting preconditioning to everyone.

Making Surgery Better

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